Adding a new admin is a fairly simple task. A click here, a click there and you're done :)

  1. Click on 'Setup' just beside the 'People' tab as shown below:

  2. Click on 'Add Access Restrictions' as shown below:

  3. After clicking on 'Add Access Restrictions' you will get to the Access Management section in the Dashboard where you will be able to see the current Super Admins and Sub Admins. Now, you need to click on the 'Add New Admin' button as shown in the image below:

  4. Once you click on 'Add new Admin' this window will open up where you will need to add the Email ID of the person who you need to provide the access to:

  5. After clicking on 'Next' a window, the window below will open where you will need to choose between providing Full Access or Restricted Access:

  6. If you select Full Access, then yes it will provide that particular user 'Full Access' (obvious right?). If you select 'Restricted Access' then a drop down will open as shown below, where you can select access on the basis of Departments, Locations and/or Cohorts:

  7. Once you select the certain parameters to provide access and then select 'Next' it will open up a confirmation screen as below and once you click on 'Give Access' you're good to go!

You can always email us on in case you're facing any issues :)