Amber has become friends with the existing employees and we know you don’t want the new joiners to be left behind. Hence refer this article as it enlists instructions to add new joiners & delete users who have left the organisation.

The data can be updated by an admin user after logging in to the dashboard. However, if you have team members handling data updation but do not have access to the dashboard, they can also upload the data. We have all bases covered!

For Admin Users

  1. Got to 
  2. Click "Upload CSV"
  3. Download a sample CSV
  4. Enter employee details in the prescribed format
  5. The following guidelines should be followed while entering the details
    • No changes or modifications should be made to the sample database format
    • The headers in the first row of CSV should not be swapped or deleted
    • Name, Email ID, Date of Joining, Department, Location are mandatory fields
    • Email address should be entered as: and Date of Joining has to be entered as DD-MMM-YYYY (17-Jan-1983)
    • Please note the email address is a unique identifier. If the CSV has two employees mapped to a sample email ID, the system will throw an error stating Duplicate Email ID.
    • Phone number should be entered as a 10-digit number without the country code (for Indian Phone Numbers) or special characters & spaces. Sample 9900012677
    • Save the CSV and upload the file
    • The system will notify in case the CSV has errors
    • Click on "Download File"
    • Rectify the errors in the file and save it as a CSV
    • Upload the CSV
    • After the data has been successfully uploaded, the system will let you know the data will be processed and updated in 24 hours.

For Non-Admin Users

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your work email ID. For updating data on Amber your must already be added into Amber's database. In case you're not added, please contact the relevant team having Admin Access on Amber for adding you to the system.
  3. Download a sample CSV
  4. Add the details of the new joiners in the prescribed format and upload
  5. After the data has been successfully uploaded, system will let you know the data will be processed and updated in 24 business hours.

You can always email us on in case you're facing any issues :)